Tuesday , 26 May 2015
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RIM pulls 15 000 new BlackBerry 10 app submissions

Research In Motion(RIM) has been going through an exceedingly difficult time over the last several months. Its mobile market share has been dwindling, but looks like the BlackBerry 10(BB10) will be the moment the Canadian manufacturer turns it around.

Perhaps the strongest evidence for this is that it appears to have the developers on board.According to Memeburn RIM helt two portathons over the weekend, where developers were urged to port their apps over to the new BB10. It is reproted that during that time 15 000 developers ported their apps over to the new operating system.

Those numbers where probably also boosted by the incentives the company is offering people willing to build for the platform. In September, RIM guaranteed developers that they would make at least US$10 000 in download in sales if their apps were certified “Built for BlackBerry”. Then it took things a step further and offered to make up the difference for any app that doesn’t hit the downloads mark. In addition, it gave developers the chance to win a BlackBerry 10 device.

 Memeburn also reported that BlackBerry representatives have also said that RIM already has around 90% of the biggest apps on board for the launch of BB10, which is very important if it’s going to steal back a little marketshare from Apple and Android.

With all the apps it needs and what appears to be an astonishingly good looking OS, all RIM will need to do is convince people that it’s got its cool back. Simple really.